About Us

Wedding Filmmaker is an exclusive list of Australia’s premiere wedding filmmaking professionals; united with the aim of showcasing the highest standard of wedding filmmaking in the country.

These wedding filmmakers take wedding video to the next level – creating beautiful ‘Wedding Cinema’. These teams of A-list cinematographers do much more than simply capturing the day’s events; with superior understanding of storytelling, lighting and composition, combined with the use of sophisticated editing techniques, these wedding filmmakers create stories infused with your personalities and convey much more than just a record of what happened on your wedding day.

The studios listed here have each met stringent selection criteria which ensures their ability to consistently deliver award-winning quality films.  Each member has accomplished the following:

  • Currently producing more than 30 wedding films per year.
  • Awarded within the past 4 years (including AVPA / ABIA / Event DV awards).
  • Involved in the development and training of other wedding filmmakers.
  • Widely respected within the wedding industry
  • A proven record of consistency in producing the highest standard in wedding films

As you explore, be sure to browse the work of each filmmaker, and visit their respective websites to see more of their cutting-edge work and to learn more about their respective rates.

These specialist teams are available to capture your wedding story anywhere in the world as individual studios, or on collaborative projects.

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